Visa​®​ Prepaid and Mastercard® Prepaid Card

Truly global reward options
for marketing, research and employee programs.

International Virtual Visa

Delivered By Email

Recipient receives a payment email with a link to create a digital wallet and access their card.

Can Be Used Online or Over the Phone

Cards are widely accepted and are appealing rewards.

Works Globally

Prepaid Cards work in the US and internationally in over 150 countries.

How Visa​®​ and Mastercard Prepaid Cards Work

Watch this short video to see how recipients receive and use a Visa​®​ or Mastercard Prepaid Cards

Works in over 150 countries


Offered in USA, CAD, EUR, and GPB


Simple, transparent pricing


Customer service for you and recipients

Visa® and Mastercard FAQs

How does 100% refund on unclaimed gifts work?

Rybbon allows you to set a window within which a gift can be claimed. If a recipient does not claim their gift during this period, Rybbon automatically issues your account a 100% refund for the gift cost. This unique benefit is part of ALL Rybbon plans. Big cost savings on what would otherwise be a big waste!

What if I end up needing fewer gifts than I ordered?

You can simply return them with one-click for a 100% refund. Rybbon is super flexible like that!

Can I upgrade to an Annual Plan at a later time?

Yes. You are welcome to get started with our Free or On-Demand plan. When you are ready we can upgrade your account to an Annual Plan tailored to your needs.

You have questions? We have answers.