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Give your advocates great rewards to choose from!

Send eGift cards in Marketo emails

Offer incentives from 50+ top brands


The Rybbon + Talkable integration makes it easy to integrate digital rewards into your referral marketing program.

Get brand enthusiasts even more excited about referring new business to you by offering incentives from 50+ top brands including Amazon, Apple, and Visa through Rybbon and Talkable.

Easily Automate Talkable Rewards with Rybbon

Attract top influencers with exciting rewards

Get influencers excited to tell others about your brand on social media and blogs by offering them a selection of gift cards from top brands. These influencers value being able to choose and stack rewards in return for referring their followers to your brand. Offering them a selection of gift cards from top brands is a great way to engage them.

Go beyond coupons and rebates for rarely-bought products or a few SKU brands. Rybbon is a fantastic option for brands when coupons, discounts, and rebates don’t make sense or when they lose their luster to top advocates who refer often.

Marketo Smart Campaign

More reward choices = more referrals

Holiday Gifts for Customers and Employees - Give recipients a choice

With Rybbon’s curated gallery of reward choices, your top advocates will be motivated to keep referring! By offering rewards from 50+ top brands including Amazon, Apple, and Visa, you keep them engaged, excited, and motivated ensuring a continuous flow of referrals.

Get 100% refunds on unclaimed rewards

For one reason or another, sometimes people don’t claim their rewards. Fortunately, with the Rybbon + Talkable integration, you automatically get a 100% refund for any unclaimed rewards. This means you never waste your budget on unclaimed rewards for your referral marketing program.

Take your referral program global

If you cater to a worldwide audience, the Talkable integration with Rybbon has you covered. With more than 50 US and international digital gifts, including virtual Visa and Mastercard Prepaid cards, you can appeal to a global customer base with your referral program!

Easy integration with Talkable

Setup takes literally just a few minutes, with no hassle. Simply choose Rybbon rewards as a new reward type directly within your Talkable account. You can customize the branding, messaging, and approval rules for the delivery of the rewards. Track the status of every reward, from delivery to claim.

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