Our SurveySparrow Integration Boosts Your Response Rates

e-gift card survey rewards for SurveyMonkey

Easily Automate SurveySparrow Incentives with Rybbon

Give survey reward choice

Increase Survey Response Rates

Rybbon lets SurveySparrow users customize the incentives they offer for rewards: your respondents can choose from US and international eGift cards, Visa or Mastercard Prepaid cards, or e-donations as SurveySparrow incentives. And with the power of choice comes action: simply giving participants options for the reward they receive can spur them to complete your survey quickly!

Customize Your Survey Rewards Emails

Sending reward emails from a third party can mean more of those emails get sent to spam or otherwise don’t get opened. But with the Rybbon + SurveySparrow integration, your rewards emails come from you.

We have beautiful, mobile-friendly templates you can customize with your logo, images, and messaging.

Gain Back Time With Automated Rewards Fulfillment

Once you set up your rewards campaign, you can sit back and let it do the work. Rybbon automatically emails the reward when a respondent completes the survey, tracks every reward delivery, and provides you with detailed reports.

If you need to manually review and approve respondents for their rewards, you can do that, too.

Deliver survey rewards with your trusted email and brand

Survey rewards will arrive from your trusted email address so that they are recognized and don’t get lost in recipient inboxes.

You can customize our beautiful, mobile-friendly format with your logo, messaging and images. Tailoring the reward experience enhances the reward value and creates goodwill towards your business.

Survey participants have earned your gratitude. With Rybbon, you can say thank you and really mean it.

Don’t Pay for Unclaimed Rewards

Here’s one way Rybbon is different from other digital incentives programs: we don’t make you pay for unclaimed rewards! You automatically get all of that investment back so you can put it toward another project. Our 100% refund policy ensures your incentives program with Rybbon is 100% performance-based and 100% transparent!

Excited to get started? Start benefiting from the Rybbon and SurveySparrow integration today!

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