SurveyGizmo Rewards

SurveyGizmo + Rybbon = Simple Survey Rewards Fulfillment

e-gift card survey rewards for SurveyGizmo

Easily Automate SurveyGizmo Rewards with Rybbon

Give survey reward choice

Pick the perfect survey incentive no matter where respondents live

Reward SurveyGizmo survey respondents with US e-gift cards, international e-gift Cards, PayPal, worldwide Virtual Visa or e-donations. Pick the perfect reward from a large selection of top US and international brands and charities.

You can also create a curated list of rewards and let your recipients choose what they want. E-donations are perfect for charity-minded SurveyGizmo survey respondents or respondents who are shy about accepting gifts. Offer survey respondents the rewards they want and get the response rates you need.

Put SurveyGizmo rewards on autopilot

Simply connect Rybbon to your SurveyGizmo account* and specify the reward you want to send to survey respondents.

Rybbon automatically emails the reward when a respondent completes the survey, tracks every reward delivery and provides you with detailed reports. Rybbon can obtain the respondent’s email from a question in your survey, or, from the survey email invitation if you use SurveyGizmo’s email invitation feature.

Rybbon’s SurveyGizmo integration even works with advanced techniques like anonymous responses and disqualification logic.

*For SurveyGizmo customers, Rybbon is available with Professional and Full Access plans.

Optionally, review and approve respondents


Sometimes, you need more control over whom to reward and when. Rybbon makes this easy with a built-in approval system that lets you review and approve respondents individually or in bulk.

Branded email address means your respondents open their rewards emails

If your email comes through a third party, it might get lost or sent to spam. With Rybbon, your survey rewards will arrive from your trusted email address so that they are instantly recognized and opened.

Customize beautiful, mobile-friendly email templates with your logo, messaging and images to brand your company and help respondents look forward to hearing from you.

What would you do with more time and money?

Stop wasting hours tracking survey rewards with spreadsheets and manually buying and sending rewards. Rybbon’s direct integration with SurveyGizmo makes it easy to automate the survey rewards fulfillment process so you can focus on other aspects of your project.

And with our reward tracking technology, you can make sure that each reward was delivered on time.

The best part? You get a 100% refund on unclaimed rewards so you never waste your limited budget on unclaimed gifts.

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