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PointsJoy Pricing

Give research participants a great reason to join and engage in your panel – points that can be redeemed for exciting rewards.

  • Award points from Qualtrics surveys and other platforms
  • Points tracking and history
  • Let participants redeem points for global rewards
  • Points analytics and reporting

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100% refund on unclaimed rewards

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Pricing FAQs

How does 100% refund on unclaimed rewards work?

Rybbon allows you to set a window within which a reward can be claimed. If a recipient does not claim their reward during this period, Rybbon automatically issues your account a 100% refund for the reward cost. This unique benefit is part of ALL Rybbon plans. Big cost savings on what would otherwise be a big waste!

What if I end up needing fewer rewards than I ordered?

You can simply return them with one-click for a 100% refund. Rybbon is super flexible like that!

Can I upgrade to an Annual Plan at a later time?

Yes. You are welcome to get started with our Free or On-Demand plan. When you are ready we can upgrade your account to an Annual Plan tailored to your needs.

Is there a minimum volume purchase requirement?

In most cases, you can purchase as few or as many rewards as you need. Visa and Mastercard are exceptions and do have minimum annual volume requirements.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments by bank transfer (ACH, Wire and Bill.com). All orders are processed after we receive your payment. You can pre-fund your Rybbon account via bank transfer to ensure orders are processed immediately.

We also accept corporate credit cards (US only). We cannot accept personal credit cards, non-US credit cards or credit cards where we are unable to verify authorized use.

Do you provide invoices and receipts?

Yes. Invoices and receipts are automatically provided for every order. Receipts are also provided when you put funds into your account in advance (pre-funding) for immediate order processing.

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