Simple Pricing & 100% Refunds

Great gifting at low cost. Never waste your budget on gifts that go unclaimed.
With Rybbon, you automatically get a 100% refund on unclaimed gifts.


From $1990/year
  • Customers who send a higher volume of gifts (over $20k a year) save more money with our annual plan.

More Than Just Reward Delivery

All Plans Include

with tools you already use

Global gifts
including Visa, Mastercard & Paypal

Recipient’s Choice

Trusted gift delivery
from YOUR email address

Multiple Users

Approval workflows

Organization and tracking
for managing multiple programs

Customer service
for you and your recipients

Add Ons

API Access

Rapid Implementation RESTful APIs for Custom integrations. Includes development sandbox, point-to-point security and technical consultations. Only available with an Annual Plan
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does 100% refund on unclaimed gifts work?
Rybbon allows you to set a window within which a gift can be claimed. If a recipient does not claim their gift during this period, Rybbon  automatically issues your account a 100% refund for the gift cost. This unique benefit is part of ALL Rybbon plans. Big cost savings on what would otherwise be a big waste!
What if I end up needing fewer gifts than I ordered?
You can simply return them with one-click for a 100% refund. Rybbon is super flexible like that!
Can I upgrade to an Annual Plan at a later time?
Yes. You are welcome to get started with our Free or On-Demand plan. When you are ready we can upgrade your account to an Annual Plan tailored to your needs.
Is there a minimum volume purchase requirement?
No. You can purchase as few or as many gifts as you need.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payments by Credit Card (US only), Checks and Bank Transfers (ACH or Wires). All orders are processed after we receive payment. You can pre-fund your Rybbon account via Bank Transfers to ensure orders are processed immediately.
Do you provide invoices and receipts?
Yes. Invoices and receipts are automatically provided for every order. Receipts are also provided when you put funds into your account in advance (pre-funding) for immediate order processing.

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