SurveyGizmo Surveys Just Got Better

SurveyGizmo Surveys Just Got Better

For customers of SurveyGizmo, survey rewards aren’t always the easiest part of a market research project. Up until now, you may have been manually fulfilling rewards post-survey, marking survey completion on a spreadsheet and physically mailing gift cards or checks.

That’s a lot of wasted time.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our integration with SurveyGizmo.

Our partnership will help SurveyGizmo users automate survey rewards to streamline the process and increase response rates.

SurveyGizmo is an enterprise-level data collection platform that has empowered informed decision making for over ten years. Hundreds of the world’s best-loved brands trust SurveyGizmo to help them with research, assessment, and feedback. And now they’ll also have Rybbon to help them with the SurveyGizmo survey rewards process.

Here are some of the benefits of integrating SurveyGizmo with Rybbon.

Automate SurveyGizmo Survey Rewards & Save Time

It can be time-consuming to check to make sure a respondent completed a survey and then mail out a reward. But integrating SurveyGizmo with Rybbon automates the rewards fulfillment process, and cuts back on the amount of time spent processing and sending rewards to participants.

The faster you can send rewards (and you can at lightning speed since the process is automated), the happier your respondents will be, and the more likely they will be to want to participate in future research projects.

There’s Something for Everyone Worldwide

Not everyone wants the same survey reward, and Rybbon lets you offer a wide selection of rewards to survey respondents like e-gift cards, Virtual Visa and Virtual MasterCard, and PayPal,  as well as charitable donations.

Got international respondents? No problem. By integrating with Rybbon, SurveyGizmo users can offer rewards to their survey respondents that work in countries around the world, like Virtual Visa and Virtual MasterCard and PayPal.

And with Rybbon, you get a 100% refund on any unclaimed rewards, so you never waste money.

Offering respondents the ability to choose the reward they want increases the chances you’ll get a response.

Manage Rewards for Multiple Surveys in One Place

Often, market researchers are juggling more than one research project, which means it can be easy to let rewards slip through the cracks. But delaying paying out those survey rewards can frustrate respondents and decrease future response rates.

By integrating with Rybbon, SurveyGizmo survey users will love how simple it is to manage multiple surveys simultaneously from one central portal. You can even keep track of KPIs for each project individually by inserting custom data fields.

Get robust reporting by client, project, and recipient so that you are on top of rewards delivery.

The Rybbon + SurveyGizmo Integration Makes for Better Research

When you’ve got SurveyGizmo survey tools combined with Rybbon rewards fulfillment in one place, you make the whole process a lot more efficient and effective.

Rybbon allows you to deliver rewards with a company-branded email to ensure that respondents recognize it as being from you, so they’ll open it.

You also can keep your respondents’ anonymity: they can get the rewards email without compromising personal data in the survey.

If you’ve been using SurveyGizmo, you’ll love the control you now have over survey rewards with the new Rybbon integration. If you haven’t started using Rybbon, set up an account and send rewards with your first campaign in minutes.

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Brenda has over 20 years of experience building, selling and marketing products for F100 and start-ups.