Rybbon for Krealinks

Maximize community engagement with points-to-rewards.

Instant Holiday Gifts
Instant Holiday Gifts
Gamify Your Community with Points
The Krealinks platform incorporates more than 10 years of innovation and development in online communities, as well as the latest technology in platform customization, artificial intelligence and mobility. With the Rybbon integration, community managers can now leverage points-to-rewards to gamify their Krealinks communities, increase engagement, and obtain quality insights.

Award Points for Engagement

Krealinks’ built-in gamification system enables managers to identify top contributors in their community based on the quantity and quality of content created and defined rules for success. With Rybbon, community managers can now leverage automated digital rewards as incentives for members to become content leaders. Community members upload content to accumulate points over time, and once a set threshold is reached these points are converted into credits on the Krealinks platform. Credits can then be redeemed for desirable rewards using the seamlessly integrated Rybbon reward gallery.
Instant Holiday Gifts
Instant Holiday Gifts
Seamless Points-to-Rewards Integration
With our integration into Krealinks’ platform, you can set up Rybbon and forget it. No need to worry about administering points or rewards manually. You can track and manage your points program from a single platform that plugs right into Krealinks. Administrative time is nearly eliminated as Rybbon automates each step, from points redemption to reward delivery
Simple, Scalable Incentives

Member Points Notifications

With Rybbon’s automated points notifications, you can send fully customizable emails any time a member is awarded points, ensuring your community stays top of mind.

Multi-Project Management

Rybbon’s single central portal helps you manage all your communities easily and effectively.

Trusted Reward Delivery

Rewards arrive from your trusted email address with your brand’s style so that they are recognized and don’t get lost in inboxes.

Automate Global Rewarding

Rybbon does all the hard work for you. We make it easy to instantly deliver rewards to more than 150 countries.

Instant Holiday Gifts
Delightful Reward Choices
Rybbon’s extensive catalog includes e-gift cards from top brands like Amazon, prepaid Visa and Mastercard rewards, and e-donations. Reward delivery is simple even for international communities, as Rybbon curates choices based on the member’s country and currency.
360-Degree Support
You’ll always have backup. With Krealinks’ community specialists, you’ll optimize your community design to maximize engagement. And when it’s time to reward your members, Rybbon’s top-rated support team is available for help. We support your recipients, too.
Instant Holiday Gifts

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