Engage your website visitors and customers with appealing gifts and rewards.

Intercom Integration

Deliver rewards straight from your Intercom chat conversations with Rybbon

The Rybbon/Intercom integration offers so many ways to engage your audience with appealing gifts and rewards! With a variety of US and international eGift cards, worldwide Visa or Mastercard Prepaid Cards, and e-donations available, your customers get exactly what they want. And you get a 100% refund on unclaimed rewards, so you never waste money.

Send Rewards Seamlessly Within Intercom Messenger

Easily send rewards within your Intercom Messenger chat sessions with customers and prospects. With just a few clicks, you can send a reward via chat for the customer to enjoy. The possibilities of sending digital rewards through chat messaging conversations are exciting and practically unlimited!

Give survey reward choice

Curate Rewards to Give Customers Great Choices

You can create multiple rewards for different situations (customer has been struggling with the returns process, customer is celebrating a birthday) and click to send the best one in a chat. You can also curate a selection of rewards so that customers get what they want most.

Turn Customer Issues into Customer Happiness

If a customer reaches out through your chat feature with a problem, your customer service team can work to resolve the issue and then offer a $5 reward as a token of your brand’s appreciation. Suddenly, an irate customer is smiling!

Thank Your Raving Fans


You’ve got happy customers out there. Show your appreciation for online reviews, testimonials, or referrals with a special gift.

Incentivize Customers Who Try Out New Features

When your app gets new features, it can be tough to get customers to adopt them. But with a small incentive (maybe a $5 coffee card), more customers will try out—and then love—those features you worked so hard on.

Boost Demo Signups

Once leads see a demo of your app, they’re hooked. Get more demo signups by offering incentives upon completion.

Start engaging your website visitors and customers with appealing gifts and rewards