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Supporting Social Distancing

Rybbon has launched new rewards designed to be used at home. From food delivery to entertainment, your customers will appreciate a reward that encourages their safety.

Our digital rewards enable you to connect with others in a contactless, yet meaningful way. At Rybbon, we believe in the importance of human connections during trying times.

That’s why we’re offering 1 month of Rybbon free for new HubSpot customers that delight their customers with our social distancing friendly rewards.

Contact us to get started now for free. Mention this offer when you are contacted by an Account Executive.

Easily Automate HubSpot Rewards with Rybbon

Add gifts to HubSpot emails

Automate e-gifting using HubSpot workflows

Rybbon’s HubSpot certified integration is available as an action in HubSpot workflows.

Easily enroll contacts into your workflow using any criteria. For example, use List membership to send thank you gifts to webinar attendees or survey respondents. Or, trigger the workflow on Form Submission, data value change, etc.

Rybbon logs activity in HubSpot when recipients claim their digital gift. You can then use this to trigger follow-up emails or notify sales.

Automating gifting means fast gift delivery to recipients and no administrative headaches for your marketing team.

Built-in gift recipient approval

Rybbon’s built-in approvals feature gives you complete control of the process. If you have an internal review process, Rybbon’s built-in approvals feature easily allows management review and approval of gift recipients.

Send the Perfect Gift or Let Recipients Choose

Holiday Gifts for Customers and Employees - Give recipients a choice

Send gift cards from top US & International brands.

Or, setup a curated selection of e-gifts and donations and let your recipients choose their preferred gift or donate to the charity of their choice. Now every recipient can get exactly what they want!

Get 100% refunds on unclaimed gifts!

Did you know: 5% to 20% of research study incentives go unclaimed.

That’s money wasted. But with Rybbon, you automatically get a 100% refund for any unclaimed rewards so you never waste your limited budget on unclaimed gifts.

Imagine Rybbon in your HubSpot Campaigns

More Webinar Attendees


More Sign Ups


More Customer Feedback



More Referrals



Pay just a 10% fee with our On-Demand plan. If you send more than $20K in rewards annually, request an Annual Plan quote.


When you choose to send e-gifts via HubSpot, Rybbon will prompt you for your HubID and authorization to connect. You can then add gift tokens to HubSpot emails and send them using workflows.


Rybbon Customer Care will contact you to schedule a live 15 min tutorial and offer tips. After that, you can always reach us at care@rybbon.net if you need assistance.

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