Fulfilling Dacima Research Study Incentives is a Breeze Now!

 Research study incentives for Dacima Respondents
Give survey reward choice

Reduce the time you spend managing clinical trials rewards

Stop manually fulfilling rewards after your clinical trials are completed. Tracking trial participants in a spreadsheet and then physically buying and mailing gift cards is a time-suck, and your time is better spent on the research.

With the Rybbon/Dacima integration, you can streamline the fulfillment of your clinical trial and research study incentives through our easy-to-use centralized platform.

And with detailed tracking and insightful reports, you have a clear understanding of who has completed a study and who has claimed their reward.

With Rybbon and Dacima, you save time and avoid making mistakes that can cost you.

No matter where your participants are, Rybbon has a reward for them

Add an gift card reward to end of Dacima survey

Allow Dacima clinical trial participants to choose from US eGift cards, international eGift Cards, worldwide Visa or Mastercard Prepaid cards, or e-donations.

Pick the perfect reward from a large selection of the top US and international brands and charities. Or, set up a curated list of rewards and let your recipients choose their preferred reward. E-donations are perfect for the charity-minded clinical trial participants or those who are shy about accepting gifts.

With more reward choices, research study participants will be happy to work with you on future projects.

Trusted emails from you ensure rewards get delivered and claimed

Send Rybbon rewards using your trusted email address so that participants recognize and open them.

When recipients receive their research study incentives quickly and reliably, they are happy, which means better retention and participation in future studies for you. Spend less time troubleshooting delivery issues and more time digging into the data.

Get 100% refunds on unclaimed rewards

For one reason or another, sometimes people don’t claim their incentive rewards. Fortunately, with the Rybbon you automatically get a 100% refund for any unclaimed rewards. This means you never waste your budget on unclaimed incentives for your marketing or research program.

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