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“A game changer.”

Rewarding users for feedback fits in with HubSpot’s value that what’s “good for the business” should also be “good for the customer.” Rybbon has been our tool of choice for years.

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Rob Risley

UX Research Operations Specialist, Hubspot

“Seamless way to incentivize action.”

Our experience has been very smooth. Rybbon removed a lot of internal friction for us and our panelists are more engaged than ever!

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Melissa Paris

Senior Director of Sales Research, Pandora

“Easy to build a points program that works!”

We are seeing better engagement, a steady stream of data, and most importantly, higher panelist retention. This goes a long way in moving studies along and driving down our overall costs.

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Andrea Johnston

Marketing Research Community Specialist, Digsite

“A 75% decrease in time spent on managing participant payments.”

Everything has worked out smoothly to a point where we’re considering moving completely to digital incentives, even when we’re able to return in-person to our facility.

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Chris Cantrall

Vice President, New Orleans Perspectives

“Fast, easy and completely transparent!”

Not only does Rybbon meet both our national and international rewards requirements, they make the entire experience fast, easy and completely transparent.

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Kamela Bearlin

Owner, Kubic

“High levels of satisfaction.”

The integration with “SurveyMonkey” and the ability to provide a universal reward, like an Amazon gift card, have been most valuable.

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Ben Sutton

Founder, Mazuma

“I save 4 hours of time on each survey.”

Rybbon’s integration with SurveyMonkey has boosted my survey response rates to 35% and I save 4 hours of time on each survey.

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Derek Morsch

Digital Marketing Associate at StreamLinx

“Exactly the kind of tool we need!”

Rybbon has been invaluable to our survey research operations. It is user-friendly, efficient, and produces great, high-quality data on the backend for every single transaction and campaign. It is exactly the kind of tool we need to pay out respondent incentives. So pleased with the product and the continuously new features.

Ashley Koning

Director, Rutgers Research, Eagleton Institute

“Very positive experience with Rybbon.”

We had a very positive experience with Rybbon from the start because it was very easy to set up. Another major reason in deciding to use Rybbon was that its instant delivery. It is important for us that our customers receive their rewards right away.

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Oscar Sanchez

Digital Marketing Director, Xirrus

“Rybbon makes it easy and trackable!”

Incentives are key to recruiting participants. Rybbon makes it easy and trackable.

Ross McLean

Over the Shoulder Qualitative

“Extremely happy.”

We’re extremely happy with the approach Rybbon takes with digital rewards. The variety of incentive options offered is second to none!

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Graeme Christianson

Founder, 4C Research

“Worked like a charm!”

The ability to integrate Rybbon with our Qualtrics platform was easy and seamless, and once it was set up, it worked like a charm.

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Thomas Dammrich

President, NMMA

“Exactly what we needed.”

Rybbon has been exactly what we needed to implement a service of awarding digital gift cards to participants of surveys.

David Paradice

Professor, Auburn University


“Rybbon has paid for itself.”

It’s been highly successful, we’ve captured thousands of leads, and the conversion rates are very high, almost everyone who receives the module completes it. We’re huge advocates of the platform.

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Ben Sosalla

Digital Marketing Manager, Quincy Bioscience

“I’m crying happy tears!”

It just took me ten minutes from start to finish to send gift cards globally. This used to take up 14-16 hours of my week. I’m crying happy tears! I owe everyone on your team a drink.

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Katie Kyle

Office Operations Manager, TrustRadius

“It was a no-brainer when we decided to use Rybbon.”

It was a no-brainer when we decided to use Rybbon. It is an exciting product for any lead generation team that is trying to optimize their marketing programs. 

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“Excellent customer experience with immediate reward fulfillment.”

The fact that Rybbon integrates with Marketo was a big plus. It’s a huge time saver, and more importantly, it makes for an excellent customer experience with immediate reward fulfillment.

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Chris Chariton

Senior Director of Marketing, GTM Payroll

“We were one of Rybbon’s first customers and are still working with them today!”

With Rybbon, we were able to power an Ambassador Program of over 300 medical students each year. The students, in turn, adopted our referral program to help grow our global community.

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Samantha Lynn

Marketing Coordinator, Figure 1

“Sign-ups were through the

Sign-ups were through the roof! It looks good, I know it works, and I can focus on my campaigns. Better yet, I don’t have to create landing pages or keep track of gift codes. Everything is built into Rybbon.

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Adam Hutchinson

Marketing Manager, Socedo


“I really appreciate the ease of use.”

We’ve been able to use this solution each month to distribute training rewards to employees in our global and home offices. I really appreciate the ease of use to administer as many rewards as needed, when we need them.

Sharla Sterling

Talent Development Partner, Autotask

“Glad I found it!”

Glad I found it! We had to reward our customers worldwide. I checked many other options, including physical gift cards, but Rybbon was exactly what we needed. Not expensive, easy to use, great tracking system (you can see who opened and redeemed the gift), no shipping fees, unlike traditional gift cards, works for international users.

Margarita Baxter

Eng Tech, Arduino

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