Knowledge-Sharing Healthcare App, Figure 1, Uses Digital Gifting to Grow a Global Referral Program

Knowledge-Sharing Healthcare App, Figure 1, Uses Digital Gifting to Grow a Global Referral Program

This Rybbon customer success story demonstrates how to use digital gifting to grow a global referral program.

Figure 1 is an app that enables healthcare professionals to share and discuss medical cases. The app helps doctors stay up-to-date on diseases and therapies.

An important part of Figure 1’s business model is its Ambassador Program for medical students. The program is a referral network where students spread the word about the brand. Figure 1 wanted to reward its students, as they play a key role in increasing the number of app downloads.

The Challenge of Sending Rewards Around the Globe

Figure 1 needed a way to reward the student ambassadors, who are located around the world. The challenge was to send rewards to different countries and currencies.

Conducting a global rewards program is challenging. Digital gift cards are usually limited to the country where issued. If you need to send to dozens of countries, that’s a lot of extra work. While you can send physical checks, the process is often slow and error-prone. You also risk having the check get lost in international mail.

Figure 1 discovered Rybbon’s digital rewards platform provided an easy and automated process to select and deliver rewards – including a Virtual Visa that works in countries around the world. In many countries, Figure 1 is able to make the reward even more exciting by allowing recipients to choose from a set of options hand-picked by Figure 1. The rewards are delivered from Figure 1’s own email domain with their branding and messages to make a lasting impression.

The result was a substantial increase in participation in Figure 1’s Ambassador Program.

“With Rybbon, we were able to power an Ambassador Program of over 300 medical students each year,” said Samantha Lynn, Figure 1’s marketing coordinator. “The students, in turn, adopted our referral program to help grow our global community.”

How Rybbon’s Versatility Helped Figure 1 Grow in Other Key Areas

Figure 1 also used Rybbon to show appreciation to healthcare professionals, by offering rewards to those who helped conduct user research and testing.

“We are continually working to improve Figure 1, and Rybbon provides us with an easy way to say thank you to those who have shared their time.” Lynn said.

Figure 1 has benefitted from the time-saving features that Rybbon provides. Using Rybbon’s Campaign management system, Figure 1 is able to easily organize and track rewards for dozens of projects and programs.

“We were one of Rybbon’s first customers and are still working with them today. Each year, we find more use cases for incentives and gifts as our company grows. Rybbon has always been willing to accommodate,” Lynn said.

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