The Best Business Gift Is The Gift Of Choice

The Best Business Gift Is The Gift Of Choice

Customers often ask us – what is the best business gift? How do you pick a gift that appeals to the many participants of customer, employee or partner program?

Lacking an answer to this question, most of us settle for a ‘lowest common denominator’ gift, like sending candy and trinkets of questionable value. We know it’s not very exciting, but at least no one will be offended, right?

So here’s the good news – you don’t have to settle for a such a low bar for the impact your gift giving investment makes. With Rybbon’s Recipient’s Choice feature, you can give every participant a gift they will love!

Here is how it works:

1. Create Curated Gift Selections from 75+ Exciting e-Gifts

When setting up your campaign, simply add multiple gifts of the same value to your campaign’s gift selection. You can also add e-donation options for your more generous recipients!

Select Gifts for Recipients

2. The Gift Email will Indicate that the Recipient can Choose their Gift:



3. Recipients are Presented with your Curated List and can Choose a Gift they Prefer:

Let recipients choose the best business gift

Rybbon’s ‘Recipient’s Choice’ feature works with all of our integrations including Marketo, HubSpot and SurveyMonkey.

Now everyone, from the fashionista to the athlete, can get exactly what they want!

Sign up for a free Rybbon account and start giving the gift of cheer!


Brenda Stoltz


Brenda has over 20 years of experience building, selling and marketing products for F100 and start-ups.