The Anatomy of a Perfect Holiday Greetings Email

The Anatomy of a Perfect Holiday Greetings Email

The holiday season is quickly approaching and with it comes many opportunities for email marketers. Having a plan for the holidays is essential, given that email marketing drives the most revenue for companies, followed by search and advertising.

However, sending an email that doesn’t stand out is simply a waste of time. It is important to send holiday emails that are well designed, and therefore more likely to motivate a customer take an action.

To help you achieve sustainable ROI from your holiday email campaigns, the experts at EmailMonks have some design tips.

In Order to be an Effective Email, Your Holiday Greetings Emails Must Have:

  • A visually pleasing design with a simple, meaningful message your customers will care about
  • A bold banner with images
  • Bigger buttons, minimalistic design and whitespace
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Custom fonts (web safe fonts)
  • Grid based layers to skip complicated HTML

The anatomy of your emails should also directly reflect your brand’s personality. However, start all emails with a clear headline that incentivizes your subscribers to open the email and further engage with the design.

Followed by the headline, use social media icons, your logo or links in your header. Then express your main message in the email (the body), which can be text or an attractive graphic as done by Rybbon in the following email.

If you want to advertise an offer or promotion, use the space beneath the main message. At the very bottom, place an enticing call to action and optimize the footer.

Let’s walk through an example – the holiday email template for Rybbon designed EmailMonks:


Holiday Email Design Infographic


  1. The overall theme of the email spreads the holiday warmth really well.
  2. The holiday greetings is simple and appropriate for the target audience
  3. Single column design that will work well on desktop as well as mobile devices
  4. White space is provided to present a relevant and sincere message
  5. The design allows a gift to be graciously included making the holiday email engaging and memorable
  6. The footer includes social links to encourage the audience to connect.

Download Marketo-Ready Holiday Email Template

You can download this email template along with the Rybbon Holiday Gifting eBook. The download includes email HTML, images files and instructions on how to customize and import this template into Marketo.


Kevin George

Head of Marketing, EmailMonks

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