Talkable + Rybbon Partnership: Turning Customers Into Advocates

Talkable + Rybbon Partnership: Turning Customers Into Advocates

Growing your customer base is understandably a key concern for your brand. And while you likely use a variety of marketing tactics to attract new business, there’s one channel you simply can’t afford to overlook.

Referral marketing.

In fact, 84% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know, which is why referral marketing can be so effective in growing your business.

Rybbon recently partnered with Talkable, an eCommerce referral marketing platform, to help you boost your customer retention and engagement strategy. Now Talkable users can offer Rybbon rewards right from within their referral marketing platform.

Take Your Talkable Referral Marketing Rewards Beyond Coupons

Referral marketing programs often reward influencers and brand advocates with coupons and rebates, but sometimes these rewards aren’t enticing enough to get people talking about your brand.

With the Rybbon integration with Talkable, you can reward your advocates with e-gift cards from exciting brands like Amazon, Apple, and Visa. You can create a curated gallery of referral marketing rewards, giving influencers more choice in selecting their desired reward and motivating them to refer new business to you.

No Geographic Constraints on Your Referral Marketing Program

If you run an ecommerce business, your sales probably know no boundaries. Why should your referral rewards be limited?

Because Rybbon offers more than 50 e-gifts that can be used internationally, you can expand your referral program around the globe. There’s no need to customize your rewards by country; many of our digital gifts are accepted globally.

How It Works

For Talkable customers, setting up Rybbon rewards is easy. Simply choose Rybbon rewards as a new reward type directly within your Talkable account. You can customize the branding, messaging, and approval rules for rewards delivery and track the status of every reward, from delivery to redemption.

When someone signs up for your referral program, they will receive a special code they can share across email, social media, and other platforms to compel others to buy from you. When a new customers uses their code to make a purchase, the referrer will receive an email with instructions to choose their referral reward.

If you’ve curated a selection of e-gifts, the referrer can then choose their preferred reward and receive it instantly.

We’re thrilled about our integration with Talkable because it helps brands like yours grow faster via referral marketing.

Streamline your referral marketing rewards process today! Set up a Rybbon account for free and send rewards with your first campaign in minutes.

If you’ve been using Talkable, you’ll love the control you now have to send referral rewards with the new Rybbon integration. If you haven’t started using Rybbon, set up an account and send rewards with your first campaign in minutes.


Brenda Stoltz


Brenda has over 20 years of experience building, selling and marketing products for F100 and start-ups.