Mazuma Achieves 350% Increase in Response Rates with SurveyMonkey and Rybbon Rewards Integration

Mazuma Achieves 350% Increase in Response Rates with SurveyMonkey and Rybbon Rewards Integration

Benefits coming from Rybbon’s contribution are difficult to measure in dollars and cents, but they are priceless to our executives and management.

Mazuma USA is a licensed accounting firm headquartered in Orem, Utah. The company provides professional and affordable accounting and bookkeeping services to small businesses. It caters to small businesses including real estate or law firms, insurance agents, medical professionals & therapists.

Assessing Customer Satisfaction

Since Mazuma’s services are dependent on human interaction, there is often a variation in the outcome and customer experience. In Mazuma Founder Ben Sutton’s own words, ”As a ‘service’ business, we have the monumental task of scaling something that is not tangible. Earlier this year, we were trapped in that box, wondering ‘Are we doing a good enough job for clients?’ ‘Are we even close to meeting our own service standards?’ ‘Are our clients getting enough value for their money?’”

Mazuma needed a comprehensive way to learn what their clients thought about Mazuma’s service and delivery.

In Ben’s experience, customers speak up only when they have a bad experience and this “can cause morale to drop…because all we hear about are the 10% of customers that are complaining about something. It’s very easy to forget about the 90% of customers that are actually very satisfied with the service they are receiving.”

“We decided that surveys might be the only way we could get answers to those questions.” The response rate was Mazuma’s key challenge. Ben lamented: “We had little confidence that we would get enough responses.”

The concern was that Mazuma’s clients tend to be a busy lot and may not pay attention to their survey request. A past brand audit survey had received just a 7% response. “What’s going to make them give us enough time to take a seemingly unimportant survey? This concern over response rate was probably what prevented us from doing surveys in the past,” said Ben.

If the response is not statistically significant and representative of the entire population, the entire exercise would be futile. The only people who would probably respond are the ones with some kind of complaint or dissatisfaction with the services.

Someone from Ben’s team voiced that the respondents could be given incentives to participate and “customers would be inclined to respond and our chances of getting good responses would greatly increase”. Ben pointed out, “We know our clients are frugal and love free stuff!” Mazuma figured that a $5 gift card could do the trick. But the sheer onerous task of conducting the survey, manually gathering the gift cards and distributing it for customer fulfillment was a huge deterrent.

Mazuma needed a solution where the survey and the disbursal of incentive could be integrated and automated.

Attaining 40% Customer Response Through Integration & Automation

Ben knew that SurveyMonkey was the obvious choice to conduct the survey. He needed the reward automation option to work with the survey and searched for probable solutions.

He found that Rybbon and SurveyMonkey can be integrated directly to make the reward fulfillment workflow seamlessly automated. The fee was reasonable, and Ben was thrilled!

We found Rybbon to be the most efficient way to offer that incentive. We had thought of doing similar surveys in the past. Having Rybbon’s functionality is honestly what made us decide to move forward with the idea this time,” Ben stated.

Executing the survey took only a couple of days after the Rybbon account activation was completed. Once set up, Rybbon’s workflow is simple enough to activate and manage multiple campaigns. For using Rybbon on an ongoing basis, the account can be pre-funded, and the funds are automatically drawn to process the orders when placed. Any leftover funds can be pulled out at no extra cost with simple email instructions.

Mazuma’s marketing team sent the survey as a link through the company email system. The survey was sent three times and received a 40% response on average. That’s an incredible 350% increase in response rates for the company!

The Result

Today, Ben is pleased with the outcome: “The integration with Surveymonkey and the ability to provide a universal reward, like an Amazon gift card, have been most valuable.”

The clients expressed high levels of satisfaction, which bolstered our confidence in our model and strengthened the morale of our employees. These kinds of benefits coming from Rybbon’s contribution are difficult to measure in dollars and cents, but they are priceless to our executives and management,” admitted Ben.

The survey has helped him achieve two objectives – analyze customer satisfaction and derive employee satisfaction through the results.

Ben intends to explore options to incentivize their customers into taking actions other than responding to surveys. Rybbon will be his choice of reward fulfillment system.

See how you can get closer to your customers, no matter what your marketing strategy or customer feedback is, with a demo of Rybbon.


Jignesh Shah


Jignesh has been building and marketing products for over 20 years at start-ups and enterprises. He previously served as the CMO at Metalogix and held VP positions at Software AG/webMethods.