Rybbon and Sawtooth Software Integration Delivers Better Response Rates for Clients

Rybbon and Sawtooth Software Integration Delivers Better Response Rates for Clients

Sawtooth Software has teamed up with Rybbon to improve its data collection by increasing response rates with rewards to respondents. As a top conjoint analysis company, Sawtooth Software precisely measures customer preferences on multiple attributes of a product or service. Its decades of experience in quantifying preference and choice modeling is now enhanced with its Rybbon software integration for digital rewards.

Sawtooth’s choice to partner with Rybbon will provide clients with greater depth and breadth of data when partnered with Rybbon’s reward programs. Offering a reward to survey respondents increases survey response rates. As a result, Sawtooth clients can make more informed marketing and project decisions to meet customer preferences.

Set It Up and Forget About It

Rybbon’s integration with Sawtooth Software reduces the time and effort spent on administering reward programs worldwide. With Rybbon’s ease of use, the Sawtooth integration simplifies tracking and managing incentives from a single platform. The compensation program for Sawtooth clients becomes self-run and seamless.

Set up takes only minutes, reward delivery is customized to your client’s branding, and the reward is delivered instantly to each survey respondent. Real-time updates on every delivery let clients know which participants have opened and claimed rewards. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s all customizable.

Outstanding Experience for Sawtooth Customers

Reward recipients are contacted through the Sawtooth Software client’s trusted email to maintain brand and increase trust. When a survey is completed, they automatically receive reward options as a thank you for their participation. And Rybbon’s transparent experience ensures anonymity for survey respondents.

Sawtooth delivers precise results with its MaxDiff survey products. With Rybbon’s seamless integration, Sawtooth clients will receive more data, streamlined reward delivery, and more valuable results. Automatically.

There is also no worry about data security for clients because the whole process is streamlined from survey mailing to reward redemption. Everything is automatic and clients will increase response rates by offering rewards. As always, Rybbon lets you offer a variety of digital rewards so that your survey respondents have a choice. And, if a respondent does not claim their reward, the cost of the reward is returned to your account. Lower reward costs and richer data collection. Now that’s a good partnership!

Streamline your reward delivery and start increasing data. Set up an account for free and send rewards with your first campaign in minutes.


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Marketing Manager, Rybbon

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