Rybbon PointsJoy Points-To-Rewards Management Launches with Qualtrics Integration

Rybbon PointsJoy Points-To-Rewards Management Launches with Qualtrics Integration

Big things are happening here at Rybbon! We just launched our new product, PointsJoy. It’s a points reward management system that allows you to reward research participants with points that they can use to redeem e-gift cards, Visa and Mastercard reward cards and charitable donations.

We’ve launched this new product with an integration with Qualtrics, but it can also be used with the more than 1,500 Zapier-connected platforms. We also have APIs for custom connectivity to any existing platforms.

What’s Exciting About PointsJoy?

We’ve gotten feedback from our customers who tell us that being able to recruit and retain participants in research panels and insights communities is very challenging. Panels and communities often suffer from huge declines of active participants. We’ve also heard about the challenges of retaining participants in longitudinal studies and multi-part studies. Wouldn’t it be great if participants could be rewarded with points to participate on an on-going basis, like a loyalty program?

This is why we built PointsJoy – a fast and easy way to create and manage points-based rewards programs for your research panels, communities, and studies.

With PointsJoy, we’ve made it easy for you to award points for any research task such as completing surveys and attending interviews. The great thing about points is that you can reward appropriate points for tasks big and small: this shows respondents that you value their time, even if it’s just five minutes spent to qualify for a bigger survey. Over time, the points they accrue through PointsJoy add up and they will be thrilled to redeem them for gift cards like Amazon, Apple and Visa.

All point accrual and reward redemption happen in PointsJoy or in your existing community and panel portal. There is no need for participants to log into a separate website.

For busy researchers, being able to automate points management and rewards delivery is a great time-saver. That gives them more time to spend organizing and analyzing the data they’ve gleaned through the research.

PointsJoy can also help you increase your response rate and grow your panels and communities.

When participants feel like you value their time, and have exciting rewards to look forward to, they will be more likely to get involved in future projects with you.

We look forward to announcing more integrations for PointsJoy, and helping market researchers attract more participants in their projects!

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Brenda Stoltz


Brenda has over 20 years of experience building, selling and marketing products for F100 and start-ups.