4C Research Slashes Incentive Processing Time by 5-Hours per Project

4C Research Slashes Incentive Processing Time by 5-Hours per Project

The Rybbon + Qualtrics integration automates reward delivery and simplifies payout processing.

Specializing in a wide range of healthcare product lines and therapeutic areas, 4C Research leverages a globally-dispersed team to conduct qualitative and quantitative studies. Their research spans the product lifecycle and brand strategy, providing clarity to actionable insights and recommendations.

To obtain the breadth and depth of responses needed, Graeme Christianson, Founder and Director of 4C Research, typically works with sampling partners to recruit survey respondents and deliver incentives. This process was abruptly disrupted by a project where Graeme needed to take responsibility for processing incentives.

Simple, Yet Sophisticated

Already using Qualtrics, Graeme heard about the partnership between Rybbon and Qualtrics. Although he researched other incentive solutions, Rybbon quickly rose to the top of the list.

“I liked the Rybbon look and feel,” said Graeme. “Not to mention the seamless integration with my Qualtrics platform.”

Graeme participated in a 30-minute webinar to learn more about Rybbon and the features and functionality of the software platform. “The responsiveness of the Rybbon team was impressive,” remarked Graeme. With Rybbon’s user-friendly interface, Graeme was quickly guided through the process. In no time at all I was ready to go,” exclaimed Graeme.

Although Graeme relies on sampling partners for many of the projects handled by 4C Research, the ones where incentive delivery falls on 4C Research, Rybbon takes the lead. “With Rybbon we are confident that survey respondents receive their incentives,” said Graeme.

With a diverse selection of 50+ brands including Amazon, Apple, Visa, Mastercard, and more, Rybbon provides 4C Research with the ability to delight their survey respondents with well known and desirable brands.

“We’re extremely happy with the approach Rybbon takes with digital rewards, stated Graeme. “The variety of incentive options offered is second to none!”

Goodbye Manual Effort

Incentive processing can take hours of spreadsheet time and are prone to errors. Rybbon eliminates the burden by automatically sending rewards via email. “My administrative time and costs have definitely decreased with Rybbon,” said Graeme. “I am no longer tied to a spreadsheet, manually printing checks, tracking payments, etc.”

When using Rybbon for rewards fulfillment, Graeme has seen a 5-hour reduction in administrative tasks per survey project. This figure alone is impressive, but when multiplied by the number of studies done in a year, it can amount to a significant number of days or even weeks.

Recapture your time spent processing rewards. Create a free Rybbon account today.


Jignesh Shah


Jignesh has been building and marketing products for over 20 years at start-ups and enterprises. He previously served as the CMO at Metalogix and held VP positions at Software AG/webMethods.