QRCA Partners with Rybbon to Bring Qual Researchers Benefits

QRCA Partners with Rybbon to Bring Qual Researchers Benefits


We have big news! The premier qualitative research association is teaming up with us, the experts in digital rewards, to help researchers offer safe, convenient virtual incentives. Learn about how you can benefit from Rybbon’s new partnership with the Qualitative Research Consultants Association.


Helping Qualitative Researchers Shift to Digital

The shift towards digital research is not new – but it is happening faster than ever! We know you need easy-to-implement digital solutions to adapt your research strategies. That’s why QRCA is partnering with Rybbon, the leading digital incentives platform, to help make your transition as seamless as possible.

Mailing checks and in-person cash compensation are outdated, inconvenient incentivization methods. Your respondents deserve rewards that are convenient, and more importantly, safe. As respondent preferences continue to shift towards virtual, researchers must change their strategies to adapt. Maximize response rates and keep respondents happy by offering e-gift cards or charitable e-donations as incentives. With Rybbon, the transition will be easy – both for you and your respondents!

If you’re a researcher using checks or cash, Rybbon’s digital rewards platform enables you to avoid the costly administrative efforts associated with managing incentives programs. For researchers already using digital incentives, Rybbon’s 100% refund policy and our easy-to-use administration tools will save you significant time and money.   

Rybbon’s flexibility is great for all types of qualitative research methods, including focus groups, in-depth interviews, participant observation, and surveys. The end result for participants and respondents is a seamless, exciting reward experience that aligns with what today’s respondents want.


New Benefits for Qualitative Researchers

This partnership comes with great benefits for researchers to leverage. QRCA members who become new Rybbon customers will receive 10% off Rybbon’s Team and Enterprise plans and a subsidy towards their QRCA membership renewal. Not a QRCA member? We can help! If you are a Team or Enterprise plan customer, Rybbon will provide a subsidy towards your new QRCA membership. Contact us to learn if you qualify.


Want to learn more about how qualitative researchers leverage Rybbon? Check out https://www.rybbon.net/market-research/.

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