Make Sending Global Rewards Easier with Virtual Visa Rewards Cards

Make Sending Global Rewards Easier with Virtual Visa Rewards Cards

Sending global rewards is hard. If you handle international surveys or marketing campaigns then you have already experienced the challenges of delivering rewards to global participants. Sending physical gifts or checks is slow, error prone and expensive. And eGift cards are usually limited to the countries they are issued in. The international virtual Visa Prepaid Gift Card offers a new, truly global reward option that is dramatically easier, faster and less expensive

What is an international virtual Visa Prepaid Card?

Sending international virtual Visa cards online is a great way to incentivize or reward recipients across the world. Delivering a Virtual Visa rewards card is easy. As the name suggests, it’s a ‘virtual’ Visa that can be delivered instantly anywhere in the world by email, SMS or within a mobile app. The Visa is issued in major currencies like USD, CAD, GBP and EUR. It is accepted in over 150 countries with automatic currency conversion to the local currency. The recipient can use the Visa for online or over the phone orders.

For example, a research project manager can purchase $50 USD Visa cards and send them to survey respondents in Spain, China and India. The recipients can make local purchases with the Visa with automatic conversion of $50 USD value to Euros, RMB and INR.

Electronic delivery and wide acceptance makes the virtual Visa Prepaid Card a very convenient option for global rewards recipients.

Global rewards for market research and marketing campaigns

Here at Rybbon, we often work with companies conducting surveys and research that span multiple countries. Online and mobile survey tools have made it possible to conduct such global studies. And in order to drive participation in these studies, it is important to thank respondents with a reward or honorarium.

Similarly, it is also common to run marketing campaigns with a global scope. For example, your company may have a referral program to thank customers for recommending your products to friends and colleagues.

Limitations of checks, PayPal and eGift cards for international rewards

Sending out checks or physical gifts to distant countries or certain parts of the world can be very complicated because of address or data errors. Regardless, delivery can take several days and rush delivery options are too costly when you are dealing with hundreds of participants.

PayPal can be used to deliver cash rewards fast but usually requires setting up each payment individually. It also suffers from the limitation that only a small percentage of the world’s population has a PayPal account.

eGift Cards from companies like Starbucks and Amazon are also an option for international rewards but come with their own limitations. For example, Starbucks US gift cards are only accepted in a handful of countries (U.S., Canada, Mexico, U.K., Ireland, Australia, and Hong Kong). In fact, most retailers’ gift cards are accepted only in the countries where they were issued. For example, an gift card cannot be used on Amazon’s German website ( You must buy separate Amazon gift cards for each country they are issued in and they are currently only available in a little over half a dozen countries (US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, China and Japan.

With virtual Visa, the exact same card can be used across multiple countries. This is a huge benefit for multi-country surveys and campaigns as it makes it possible to reward global recipients without the hassle.

How the international virtual Visa works

Virtual Visa Prepaid Cards can be purchased directly from your Rybbon account in the desired denomination. Rybbon provides several options to deliver the virtual Visa to recipients:

  1. Load your recipient list and email addresses into Rybbon. Rybbon delivers the Visa by email.
  2. Connect Rybbon to Marketo or HubSpot. The Visa can now be added to a Marketo or HubSpot email and sent via campaigns and workflows.
  3. Connect Rybbon to SurveyMonkey and Rybbon will automatically email the Visa when a respondent completes your survey.

The recipient receives a Visa promo code and link to create a Visa account, redeems the promo code, and instantly receives a ready-to-use Visa Prepaid Card number. Here’s a 1-minute video that shows how the virtual Visa is delivered.

Note: Although virtual Visa Prepaid Cards provide unprecedented flexibility for global rewards, they do come with expiration dates. The expiration dates are typically several months, which is plenty of time for recipients to use the reward.


Learn how you can do international rewards without the hassleRequest a quote for sending international virtual Visa cards from Rybbon.


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