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Intercom + Rybbon’s Incentives = Better Customer Engagement Through Chat

  • author

    Brenda Stoltz

  • posted

    Sep 17, 2019

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    Digital Marketing, Company News

Intercom + Rybbon’s Incentives = Better Customer Engagement Through Chat

We’re always looking for great opportunities to partner with brands that are doing smart things. When we found out that Intercom helps boost customer engagement through chat by as much as 36%, we wanted to see if we could help Intercom users boost conversions even more.

Who is Intercom

Before we dive into the details of our latest integration, allow us to introduce our new partner.

Intercom builds a suite of messaging-first products that all modern internet businesses can use to accelerate growth across the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to engagement and support.

Using chatbots specifically tailored to perform common functions on your site, you can direct shoppers to what they’re looking for, answer a question, schedule a demo, or get them in touch with a customer service agent.

Where Rybbon Comes In: Better Customer Engagement

Both Customer Support and Sales can benefit from Rybbon rewards, whether that’s through a chat box, customer feedback survey, or upsell opportunity.

Improving Customer Experience

We’re absolutely excited about this partnership because brands using Intercom can take their customer service chats to a whole new level. The possibilities are practically unlimited! Just imagine: a customer contacts your company via your chat function to process a return. The product she ordered is broken. She’s a little annoyed.

After your customer service representative quickly processes the return, they send the customer this message:

“We so appreciate your patience with this return process. We’d like to send you a $5 Starbucks card as a thank you.”

The customer didn’t expect that!

You might send surveys to visitors to your site using the chat feature… but might not see a high response rate. Simply offering a small incentive for completing the survey is enough to boost your response rates.

And when you have customers who tell all their friends how great their experience has been with your brand, Rybbon and Intercom let you easily reward those raving fans with small gifts.

You can also celebrate customer milestones like their birthday or anniversary of being a customer with a small token of appreciation in the form of a digital gift card.

Secure Sales More Easily

The Rybbon-Intercom integration can also help your brand with sales. Maybe you need a way to incentivize freemium subscribers of your software to upgrade to a paid plan. Or you want to book more demos because this strategy has a high close rate. Offering rewards is a great way to nudge shoppers who aren’t quite sure about making a purchase into becoming loyal customers.

Digital rewards can also incentivize customers to try out new features in your app or motivate customers to take advantage of upsell opportunities.

As always, Rybbon lets you offer a variety of digital rewards so that your customers have a choice. And because the reward emails you send are branded from you, recipients will recognize them and open them right away.

Get started streamlining your incentive and gifting process. Set up an account for free and send rewards with your first campaign in minutes.

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Brenda Stoltz

Brenda has over 20 years of experience building, selling and marketing products for F100 and start-ups.

Brenda has over 20 years of experience building, selling and marketing products for F100 and start-ups.

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