Incentive Marketing Awards Show Examples of How to Win Customers With Gifting

Incentive Marketing Awards Show Examples of How to Win Customers With Gifting

Marketers in diverse industries can use the power of incentive marketing to win customers and drive business. This is demonstrated every year when the Incentive Marketing Association announces its Circle of Excellence Awards. Every year, the IMA recognizes outstanding examples of successful customer and employee incentive marketing programs. Here are some of our favorites from recent years. Our favorite programs come from B2B and B2C companies. The goals of these programs range from user acquisition, to channel development, to cross-brand promotion. Their success serves as inspiration and as confirmation for what marketers can achieve by integrating a little appreciation and gratitude into their campaigns.

CVS Pharmacy Does Incentive Marketing With Gift Cards

Example: CVS
New customer acquisition and customer retention with eGift cards and social media marketing.

Program: Free gift card with purchase of any $25 gift card.
Results: 92% ROI achieved by CVS. Campaign became viral hit with 1,130+% spike in sales.

IBM uses incentive marketing to boost channel revenue

Example: IBM
Improve channel partners’ knowledge of products and services.

Program: Incentives and rewards for completing online training, quizzes and sales registrations
Results: 143% increase in program participation. 39% increase in year-over-year channel revenue.

Regal Entertainment partners with Aeropostale for incentive marketing cross promotion

Example: Regal Entertainment and Aeropostale
Cross-brand promotion combining fun and fashion.

Program: 2-week promotion in which purchasers of $40 or more of Regal eGift cards received a $10 bonus eGift card from Aeropostale.

Results: 100% year-over-year growth in its movie theater eGift card sales, and a 50% gain in repeat purchases.

Three great brands in three diverse industries using the power of incentive marketing to dramatically move the needle with customers!

Appreciation, recognition and gratitude work because they appeal to some of our most basic instincts. And there is no limit to the creative ways in which marketers can use gifts and rewards to win and retain customers. What’s exciting is that incentive marketing programs are no longer limited to companies with large staff and big budgets. The popularity of digital gifts and digital marketing platforms is making this powerful marketing approach available to companies of all sizes.


Brenda Stoltz


Brenda has over 20 years of experience building, selling and marketing products for F100 and start-ups.