International Prepaid Visa – How it works in 3 Steps

International Prepaid Visa – How it works in 3 Steps
You already know that sending international prepaid Visa is a great way to incentivize or reward recipients across the world. But how does it work? Let us break down the simple steps for you and your recipients.

First, purchase the international prepaid Visa from your Rybbon account in the desired denomination. Then, choose from 1 of 4 delivery options:

1. Load your recipient list and email addresses into Rybbon. Rybbon will deliver the Visa via email.

2. Connect Rybbon to Marketo or Hubspot. Now you can add the Visa to a Marekto or Hubspot email and send it via campaigns and workflows.

3. Connect Rybbon to SurveyMonkey. Rybbon will automatically email the Visa when a respondent completes your survey.

Simple, isn’t it? Here’s what happens next.

How Recipients receive International Prepaid Visa

1. Recipients receive your gift email and click to receive the Visa gift. The email arrives from your email address with you branding and message. This ensures that recipients recognize and trust the email.

2. Recipients are presented with a Visa promo-code and a link to redeem the code for an actual Visa card.

3. Recipients create an account and provide basic information needed to use their Visa card. They are presented with a Visa card number that can be used immediately for online purchases. Instant gratification!

In many countries, for a small fee, recipients can choose to receive a physical Visa, which is then mailed to them. Most recipients will prefer to get the Visa instantly by choosing the virtual Visa option.

Recipients can view their detailed transaction history and contact the Visa provider in case they need help.

That’s it! This is how easy it is for you to send and for your recipients to use an international prepaid Visa.

Here’s a 1-minute video that shows how the International Prepaid Visa is delivered.


Brenda Stoltz


Brenda has over 20 years of experience building, selling and marketing products for F100 and start-ups.