GTM Payroll Boosts Referral Program 29% with Automated Rewards

GTM Payroll Boosts Referral Program 29% with Automated Rewards

GTM Payroll Services offers payroll solutions for businesses or families with domestic workers. In order to promote word-of-mouth marketing, the company has developed a client referral program that rewards those who refer their friends to the business. GTM wanted to boost the referral program to increase the number of qualified leads.

Chris Chariton, Senior Director of Marketing at GTM, was looking for a way to instantly reward referrers with a gift when they introduced others to the company. She knew that offering tangible and convenient gifts would encourage more clients to refer others, but she needed to find a way to make the process simple and automatic.

Delivering Referral Program Rewards Hands-Free

Chris decided to revamp the company’s client referral program to offer two rewards – a Panera e-gift card when the lead is recommended and a larger e-gift card when they make a purchase.

GTM was already using Marketo as their marketing automation system and Chris wanted to find a service that could work with Marketo to deliver gifts without hassle.

“The fact that Rybbon integrates with Marketo was a big plus,” Chris says. “We were looking for something where the reward fulfillment could be automated.”

Chris decided to use Rybbon to instantly and conveniently deliver gifts by email to those who referred others to the company.  Chris’s team created Marketo emails for each reward type and used Rybbon to add gifts to these emails. Next, they built Marketo workflows to capture the referral lead, track the referral progress and deliver reward emails at the appropriate time. It all happens automatically and there is no need for the marketing team to spend valuable time buying, sending and tracking gifts.

“Another key factor in deciding to use Rybbon was that there was a low barrier to get started,” Chris says. “There weren’t large set-up fees and minimum buys, which matters to us as a small business.”

Rybbon offered GTM Payroll an affordable solution to automate delivery of referral rewards.

Boost Referral Programs for a Big Increase in Qualified Leads

After introducing Rybbon to their client referral reward program, GTM Payroll Services saw a 29% increase in the number of referrals received. Currently, the referral program is a top source of qualified leads with higher than average conversion rates.

Not only is the company receiving more leads from their current customers, but the automated process has improved the customer experience by making reward delivery fast and convenient.

“The integration with Marketo is very valuable to our marketing team. It’s a huge time saver, and more importantly, it makes for an excellent customer experience with immediate reward fulfillment,” Chris says. “The Rybbon platform makes purchasing gifts easy to do and the inventory alert monitoring reminds us when we need to replenish our inventory.”

After seeing such success with their customer referral programs, Chris plans on using Rybbon more in the future. “Another area where I can see expanding use of Rybbon is to provide incentive for survey completion and webinar attendance. We are also going to use it for one-off rewards for drawings at events and conferences we exhibit at.”

Marketo selected Chris Chariton to speak at Marketo Summit 2016 for her innovative use of referral marketing and marketing technology to drive measurable business results.

See for yourself how you can give your marketing campaigns a lift with a demo of Rybbon. We’ll send you a cup of coffee, on us!


Jignesh Shah


Jignesh has been building and marketing products for over 20 years at start-ups and enterprises. He previously served as the CMO at Metalogix and held VP positions at Software AG/webMethods.