7 Ways To Boost Marketing Programs by Gifting with Marketo

7 Ways To Boost Marketing Programs by Gifting with Marketo
As a marketer, you work hard every day to generate higher conversions. Digital gifting with Marketo allows you unique opportunities to boost engagement. And, if you think it will work in only one area of your business like holiday gifts, think again.

Everyone wants to increase survey participation or close more deals on the sales side. By using automating your gifting with Rybbon and Marketo, you can more easily deliver and track incentives to your target audience to accomplish your goals.

The Rybbon-Marketo integration can save you time and protect your budget. The process is simple. You select gifts. Send them through Marketo to your contacts. Then track redemptions and get a refund for any that are not used.

Gifting wasn’t always this easy. In the past, you’d have to shop for gifts or do online purchases. Once you had gifts, you had no way to track them. You also risked valuable marketing dollars because you ran the risk of not getting a refund for unused gifts. By gifting with Marketo via the Rybbon platform, you eliminate these issues.

Here’s 7 ways you can use Rybbon to do gifting with Marketo. You’ll see how even small gifts, like a $5 gift card or charitable donation, can help you increase engagement.

1. Marketing Surveys

While the average response rate for an email survey is 30%, that number can be significantly higher with the right incentive.

Smart marketers conducting surveys now use gifting to get higher responses. You can use the rewards for completed surveys, focus groups, customer interviews or user research.

By using the Rybbon-Marketo integration, you can use gift cards, prepaid cards or e-donations to give rewards to survey respondents.

This allows you to acknowledge your survey respondent immediately and gives them an incentive to reply to your request.

Rybbon also gives you the option to let the respondent select a gift of their choice.

You’ll be able to do this without leaving Marketo. Send your survey and follow-up with a branded email from your company.

2. Online Reviews

Reviews are everywhere and your market is taking notes on what others have to say. To solidify your position in your industry, you know you need a healthy amount of reviews on popular sites like G2 Crowd, Amazon, Yelp, Capterra and others.

The problem is getting people to fill out a review. The way to bump that up on someone’s to-do list is by gifting with Marketo. You can increase the number of reviews by using Rybbon. Send a gift to reviewers to let them know you appreciate their time. The one thing to keep in mind is that there are FTC guidelines regarding disclosure. Make sure you check them out before your unveil your incentive program.

3. Referral Rewards

Want more referrals? Try gifting with Marketo and Rybbon. Rather than just ask your customers and contacts for referrals, incentivize your company’s referral program with rewards.

With the Rybbon-Marketo integration, you can create an automated workflow to gift instantly when a contact sends you a qualified lead. You can put your marketing in their hands and they get a reward for helping you grow.

Rybbon and Marketo make it easy for you to boost the results in your referral program. Track your progress and deliver rewards by setting up the automation today.

4. Webinars

Stop hosting webinars with less than 50 percent attendance. Start rewarding your attendees with a gift card or other type of small gift to boost those numbers.

By gifting with Marketo and Rybbon, you can improve sign ups and possibly improve your chances to earn a purchase or get more people to sign on to your free trial.

The common way to remind people of a webinar is to do manual outreach, post on social media and send a lot of emails. The Rybbon-Marketo integration allows you to send a small gift card urging attendees to get their morning coffee, for example, or give an incentive at the end.

The Rybbon-Marketo automation can be set up to run on autopilot for you. If you run a lot of webinars, you won’t have to spend as much time trying to increase attendance.

5. Sales Activities

Gifting with Marketo and Rybbon can help drive sales activities for your company. You will leave a positive impression by offering an incentive to your prospects. Gifting is a flexible, too. Use it for demos, pre-sales assessments, consultations and other sales events

A small gift like a charitable donation or an eGift card can help your sales reps get more meetings. Gifting prior to a sales meeting can also allow you to send targeted content to your audience. And with Marketo and Rybbon, you can easily track your gifts and manage your success.

The investment in a small gift like a Starbucks card is minimal — but well worth it if it pays off in generating a sale.

6. Win-Back Campaigns

Looking for a new idea on how your company can get a deal back on track? A gift card or charitable donation could provide the unique spark you need to grab the attention of your prospect.

By using Rybbon and Marketo, you can send your contact a digital gift without having to cold call or look pushy. We all know how challenging it can be restart the conversation. Small incentives to get someone’s attention can go a long way.

Rather than send another “Just checking in” email, try an email with attached gift card. With Marketo, you send from your domain with your company’s branding.

7. Holiday Gifting

Are you tasked with picking out the gifts for your company’s best partners and clients this year? Don’t waste time looking at thousands of items on Amazon. Why not send a prepaid card or eGift with Rybbon and Marketo?

By gifting with Marketo and Rybbon, you have a number of choices to get that “perfect” gift. There’s more than 50 gift options, including charities. You can also have your recipient choose a gift. By using digital gifts, you can reduce shopping time and ensure delivery to all of your important recipients.

Don’t step into a store. Shop by gifting with Marketo and Rybbon this holiday season.

Get started with Rybbon for Marketo today at https://www.rybbon.net/marketo-integration/Rybbon is the only integrated gifting partner for the top marketing & survey platforms – Marketo, HubSpot, SurveyMonkey and Qualtrics, and was recently named a Marketo Accelerate Partner.


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Brenda has over 20 years of experience building, selling and marketing products for F100 and start-ups.