Fulfilling Clinical Trial Incentives is Easy with New Partnership Between Rybbon & Dacima

Fulfilling Clinical Trial Incentives is Easy with New Partnership Between Rybbon & Dacima

Fulfilling research study and clinical trial incentives on top of all the other aspects of a project can be time-consuming and stressful if you do it manually. Creating spreadsheets to track participants’ eligibility for rewards, buying physical gift cards, and then mailing them takes time that you can’t dedicate to actually working on the research.

A new Rybbon integration with Dacima Software takes the stress out of clinical trial incentives so that you can focus on the research.

Dacima Software is a leading innovator of Electronic Data Capture technology. Its Dacima Clinical Suite EDC platform is a web-based software application used by Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, biotechnology companies, governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and academic researchers around the world.

Rybbon chose to partner with Dacima because we wanted to ensure that these industry professionals were able to automate the clinical trial incentives process so they could focus on what really matters.

Automating Clinical Trial Incentives Makes Sense

Up until this partnership, Dacima users, would capture data about study subjects through the platform and then use other tools to send clinical trial incentives (or cobble together a manual process with a spreadsheet). Going between two platforms took time that most researchers simply didn’t have to spare.

Great news! The new integration streamlines this process right from within the Dacima platform. Just connect your Rybbon reward campaign to your Dacima study and your research study rewards will be on their way to your participants as soon as specific questionnaires or visits are completed.

Dacima users can now give participants a choice when it comes to rewards: they can choose from e-gift cards, Visa and Mastercard Prepaid cards, or charitable donations.

Got international participants? That’s okay; Rybbon offers reward options that can be redeemed in more than 150 countries around the globe.

One Way to Make Research Studies More Compelling

A successful research study or clinical trial relies on the participation of qualified and eager individuals. It can be hard to recruit the subjects you’re looking for if you don’t offer a clinical trial incentive that is attractive and easy to redeem.

Want to attract more quality participants for future projects? Offer incentives that are delivered when ePRO questionnaires are completed or immediately after a clinical trial with appealing options that let the participant choose the reward he/she wants.

And because Rybbon lets you send emails with your company branding and logo, you’ll further cement that relationship you have with your participant when she recognizes your brand and eagerly opens her rewards email.

Our partnership with Dacima is just another step on our path to automating rewards for researchers.

If you’ve been using Dacima, you’ll love the control you now have over study participant rewards with the new Rybbon integration. If you haven’t started using Rybbon, set up an account and send rewards with your first campaign in minutes.


Brenda Stoltz


Brenda has over 20 years of experience building, selling and marketing products for F100 and start-ups.