Clarabridge Improves Account Based Marketing (ABM) with Targeted Gifts

Clarabridge Improves Account Based Marketing (ABM) with Targeted Gifts

Clarabridge is a top customer experience management company. Clarabridge’s growth strategy includes an Account Based Marketing (ABM) program. The marketing and sales teams identify specific accounts they want to target and then focus on engaging prospects at these accounts.

The Clarabridge marketing team hosts webinars to invite prospects to learn about the benefits of using Clarabridge’s products. They needed a way to ensure his target prospects take the time to attend the webinar. The team knew that a great way to get people’s attention is to thank them for their time with a small gift, like a coffee gift card. They also wanted to make sure the gift experience made a great impression. That way, it would help the sales team engage the prospect after the webinar.  

Gourmet Coffee eGift Card Cuts Through the Noise

Clarabridge offered a $10 coffee e-gift card to prospects from target ABM accounts for attending a webinar. Offering a coffee e-gift card made the webinar invite stand out. It also boosted registrations and encouraged registrants to actually attend.

To ensure a targeted, fast, and memorable gift experience, the Clarabridge marketing team used Rybbon to integrate gifts directly into the Marketo webinar program. First, the team created their webinars on WebEx and On24. Then, they connected these platforms to Marketo. They built a gift campaign in Rybbon to reward webinar attendees with coffee e-gift cards. Customizing the gift email and the gifting page with Clarabridge’ logo, messages, and colors took only minutes.

Then, they inserted Rybbon gifts directly into their Marketo email and sent the gift email to webinar attendees from target accounts. Rybbon gifts arrive instantly from Clarabridge’s email address. As a result, recipients immediately recognize and appreciate the rewards.

What made Rybbon extra appealing is its gift tracking capability. With Rybbon, Clarabridge knows they will never waste money on unclaimed gifts. Rybbon takes care of delivery, tracking, and analyzing campaign costs—all in one place. A member of the team commented on the decision to use Rybbon.

“It was a no-brainer when we decided to use Rybbon. It is an exciting product for any lead generation team that is trying to optimize their marketing programs.”

What the marketing team loves most about Rybbon is that it’s easy to use. Rybbon provides a seamless experience by handling gift fulfillment for him. With Rybbon’s automation, the team can get back to marketing. Finally, Clarabridge can easily grab their customers’ attention and motivate them to attend webinars.

ABM with Targeted Gifts Produces Results

Clarabridge saw great results immediately with leads from target accounts that were offered the coffee e-gift cards.

“Those leads that took the offer had a 73% attendance rate, which is a huge increase compared to our average attendance rate of 40%.”

The team also posted the same offer on an industry forum. They saw a 61% attendance rate from those who registered.

As a result of the big increase in webinar attendance rates, Clarabridge is eager to use Rybbon in their lead nurturing. The team also wants to use Rybbon to create opportunities with their existing customer base through referrals.

“With Rybbon, it’s easy to make a lasting impression on our leads. We’re looking forward to use Rybbon in other ways because we know the results will be great.”

See for yourself how you can get closer to your leads, no matter what your marketing strategy, with a demo of Rybbon. We’ll send you a cup of coffee, on us!


Jignesh Shah


Jignesh has been building and marketing products for over 20 years at start-ups and enterprises. He previously served as the CMO at Metalogix and held VP positions at Software AG/webMethods.