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BHN Rewards Integrates With Gorilla to Streamline Incentives for Behavioral Research

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    Hannah Prince

  • posted

    Oct 18, 2022

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    Academic Research, Market Research, Company News

BHN Rewards Integrates With Gorilla to Streamline Incentives for Behavioral Research

Researchers are already conducting the studies that drive advancement in science, medicine, and other fields — they shouldn’t also have to spend time learning high-level programming and sending out participant incentives. Thankfully, with the new integration of BHN Rewards and Gorilla, you can streamline and simplify both your online experiments and incentives management, allowing you to focus on what really matters: the research.

BHN Rewards is an easy-to-use digital rewards platform that connects directly with your favorite research and survey platforms. It’s a natural combination to integrate with Gorilla, whose all-in-one research tool also prioritizes simple, self-service workflows to allow you to minimize the time and cost of managing your program. 

Here are just four of the many benefits that Gorilla customers will discover by integrating with BHN Rewards.

1. Digital Rewards for Digital Research

Gorilla has shown that online data is comparable to data collected in a lab, and conducting online experiments is much faster, easier, and cheaper for both researchers and participants. Likewise, digital incentives have speed and simplicity on their side: They can be delivered instantly and automatically, are easy to redeem and spend, and are popular among recipients. BHN Rewards also helps academic researchers make the most of their limited budgets by automatically giving 100% refunds on any unclaimed incentives.

2. Flexibility in Recruiting Participants

No need to rely on recruitment platforms or to send out incentives individually to participants found via social media, student groups, and other channels. Through BHN Rewards, you can reward your participants automatically, no matter how they got there.

3. Higher Engagement

Offering delightful incentives from BHN Rewards not only makes recruitment easier, it also helps increase the level of engagement among participants. You can even let participants choose from BHN Rewards’ extensive catalog of digital gift cards from top global brands, virtual prepaid cards, and e-donations — ensuring that everyone finds a compelling incentive that will motivate them to stay engaged.

4. Participant Anonymity From Beginning to End

BHN Rewards can collect the information needed for incentive delivery (namely, email address) via a redirect at the end of your Gorilla task. This allows you to reward participants while maintaining their anonymity, which is often a key piece of the puzzle for clinical studies and other research involving sensitive personal information. 

Put BHN Rewards and Gorilla to Work for You

Behavioral researchers face a wide range of challenges, but the new integration of BHN Rewards and Gorilla can help solve many of them. Together, these tools:

  • Make experiments and incentives more accessible. With easy-to-use interfaces and self-service workflows, there’s no coding expertise necessary.
  • Offer a cost-effective way to collect high-quality data. Using Gorilla’s online research platform is a powerful alternative to costly, time-consuming experiments done in a lab. Sending digital incentives with BHN Rewards eliminates the wasted budget from unclaimed rewards, as well as the shipping costs and errors associated with physical gift cards and other incentives that must be mailed to participants.
  • Help streamline program setup and management. Gorilla offers simple setup for all parts of your experiment — including surveys, reaction time tasks, and games — while BHN Rewards’ automates reward delivery, offers robust tracking and reporting capabilities, and lets you manage multiple campaigns in one place. When you combine these tools, it means you can spend more time on your research and less time on programming tasks, recruiting participants, sending incentives, and compiling budget reports.

Contact us today to find out how you can take advantage of BHN Rewards’ integration with Gorilla!

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Hannah Prince

Hannah is a reformed journalist who has more than 15 years of experience and now focuses on content marketing for innovative tech companies.

Hannah is a reformed journalist who has more than 15 years of experience and now focuses on content marketing for innovative tech companies.

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