Use Amazon Gift Cards For Marketing & Survey Incentives

Use Amazon Gift Cards For Marketing & Survey Incentives
The Amazon gift card is a very popular survey reward or incentive option for businesses that want to thank customers. Amazon gift cards can be easily delivered electronically by email.

Recipients can use gift cards to purchase any of the millions of products available on the Amazon websites. In addition to the main website, recipients can also use these gift cards on Amazon’s affiliated websites. These include,, and gift cards are available in any denomination from $1 to $2,500 and they never expire.

While the Amazon gift card is highly versatile, it’s important to understand how it works.

How the Amazon Gift Card Works for Your Survey Recipient

1. Recipients receive your gift email and click to receive the Amazon gift card.

2. Recipients are presented with an Amazon gift-code.

3. Recipients need to register for an Amazon account or sign in to their account. Then, they click Apply a Gift Card to Your Account, enter their claim code and apply it to their balance. Alternatively, they can also enter their claim code during checkout. Finally, recipients must provide physical addresses in order to receive their purchases.

Using Amazon Gift Cards for International Rewards

It’s important to note that gift cards cannot be used on Amazon’s international websites like the German website. You must buy separate Amazon gift cards for each country they are issued in. Currently, they are available in 9 countries (U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Spain, China, and Japan). The good news is that Rybbon carries all of these country-specific Amazon gift cards.

Unlike the U.S. gift cards, some of the international gift cards do have expiration dates — typically 10 years.

Tip: The international virtual Visa may be a better fit for you if you need to send a gift card to a country where the Amazon gift card is not yet available, or want to send the same reward to recipients in multiple countries.

How to Send Amazon Gift Cards to Your Survey Recipients

First, purchase Amazon gift cards from your Rybbon account in the desired denomination. Then, choose from 1 of 4 delivery options:

1. Load your survey recipient list and email addresses into Rybbon. Rybbon will deliver the Amazon gift cards via email.

2. Connect Rybbon to Marketo or Hubspot. You can now add the Amazon gift card to a Marekto or Hubspot email and send it via campaigns and workflows.

3. Connect Rybbon to SurveyMonkey. Rybbon will automatically email the Amazon gift card when a respondent completes your survey.

Amazon’s popularity is undeniable and its gift card will be an effective incentive reward to thank your survey recipients. After all, who doesn’t get excited about Amazon Prime Day and holiday shopping?

See for yourself why the Amazon gift card is an effective reward to thank your recipients with a demo of Rybbon.


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