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Manage your clients’ rewards programs with an agency account

Send eGift cards in Marketo emails

Use Rybbon’s powerful rewards to help your clients gain insights, get more results, and grow their business.

Rapidly integrate rewards into your clients’ survey programs, customer experience programs, lead generation campaigns, referral marketing, and customer appreciation programs.

Simplify your workflow by managing multiple clients in one place

Easily switch between accounts. Give team members specific user permissions for each client. Keep client funds and data in separate accounts.

Rapidly invite and on-board new clients to the Rybbon platform

Create and manage accounts on behalf of your clients. Or, have clients create an account and invite you as their agency.

Customize Rybbon to fit every client’s brand, budget, and billing preference

Customize reward choices, emails, and integrations to make every client program look great. Choose Rybbon pricing that best fits each client. For each account, choose if Rybbon should bill your agency or bill the client.

Agency Partner Benefits

Revenue Sharing

Revenue sharing on opportunities you close yourself or refer to Rybbon.

Platform Integrations

Showcase your expertise with HubSpot, Marketo, Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, Zapier and more

Sales Support

Leverage Rybbon’s sales experts to help you close large sales deals

Co-marketing Opportunities

Feature your company across Rybbon’s marketing programs for increased industry exposure.

Onboarding and Training

Learn from our experts to enhance your digital rewards expertise.

Dedicated Account Manager

We work with you 1-on-1 to ensure your success across all your clients

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    “We were already using and loving Rybbon before joining Rybbon for Agencies. The program provides great co-marketing opportunities and sales benefits that drive revenue for both organizations.”

    Scott Adleman

    Scott Adleman

    President at Precision Research Inc.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does my agency need a Rybbon account?

    Yes. All Rybbon Agencies must have an account. We want our agencies to know how the platform works, to leverage our easy-to-use integrations, to understand your clients’ potential needs, and to be your own best case study. The good news is that Agency accounts are free accounts.

    Rybbon can also be used as a great tool for your own internal corporate needs. If you don’t have an account yet, sign up today!

    Is it easy to use Rybbon across 10, 25, 50+ clients?

    Yes! We built multi-account functionality to offer a scalable solution that enables an agency to quickly and easily access client accounts. In addition, user permissions can be set to control account visibility across your team members.

    Is there a cost to join the agency program?

    No. We just ask that you work with Rybbon, in good faith, to produce awesome thought leadership content.

    Can I simply refer customers to Rybbon?

    Yes. Rybbon offers flexible ways in which we can work with your agency. If you’d like to simply refer customers to adopt Rybbon’s platform rather than manage their incentives, we will be happy to accept your referral and handle the sales cycle. There are revenue sharing opportunities available for referrals.

    What are your revenue share percentages?

    Rybbon has standard pricing and percentages that we will share with you when you speak with one of our Account Managers. Just submit the Become a Rybbon Agency Partner form on this page and we will reach out soon.

    Will Rybbon work with my existing platforms?

    Rybbon offers a variety of integrations with industry-leading platforms. Click here to see all of  our integrations. Select your integration to learn more. We offer five-minute tutorial videos that will show you how to set up your integration step-by-step.

    Can I write articles for the Rybbon blog?

    Co-marketing opportunities are available for our agency partners. Please ask your Account Manager to put you in touch with Rybbon’s Marketing team for more information.