Rybbon is now BHN Rewards
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Put survey incentives delivery on autopilot

Simply connect Rybbon to your Alchemer account* and specify the reward you want to send. Rybbon can automatically email it when a respondent completes the survey, tracks every delivery, and provides detailed reports. Rybbon collects email addresses from a survey question or the survey email invitation. It even works with advanced techniques like anonymous responses and disqualification logic.

*Rybbon is available with Alchemer Professional and Full Access plans.

Alchemer Integration

The perfect incentive options, anywhere

Reward Alchemer survey respondents with U.S. or international e-gift cards, PayPal, worldwide Visa or Mastercard prepaid cards, or e-donations. Rybbon can even automatically curate the options based on each respondent’s country and currency. Offer survey participants the rewards they want and get the response rates you need.

Alchemer Integration

Hassle-free automation

Set up Rybbon once and we’ll take it from there.

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