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Choose from 75+ US & International digital rewards, including: Gift Card
Panera Gift Card
International Virtual Visa
iTunes Gift Card

Customer appreciation, redefined.

Send and track digital gifts to boost response and conversions.



Ever brought a t-shirt, a flash drive or candy to a trade show to entice customers to stop by your booth? Savvy marketers have always understood the power of marketing gifts to attract and keep customers.

Now you can use digital gift cards and e-gifts to support and boost your online, email and social media marketing campaigns.

Delivery is instant, exciting and trackable, generating gratitude and unique opportunities for follow-up and engagement.



Simplify your incentives management process into one, comprehensive tool. Take the pain and cost out of sending rewards for surveys and research. Deliver incentives by email as a digital gift card like or international Visa pre-paid card.

Rybbon automatically tracks and organizes everything by projects. And ensures you never waste budget on unclaimed rewards.

Rybbon automatically tracks and organizes everything by projects

Trusted and tailored digital gift experience

Rybbon delivers gifts from your trusted email address with your personal touch. Make a lasting impression by customizing the gift email, landing page and domain name with your own brand, messages and images.

Let recipients choose the gift or charity they love

Holiday Gifts for Customers and Employees - Give recipients a choice

Setup a curated selection of digital gifts and e-donations and let your recipients select their preferred gift or donate to the charity of their choice. Now everyone, from the musician to the athlete, can get exactly what they want!

What Others Are Saying

Savvy marketers have already adopted Rybbon…and love it.

“Sign-ups were through the roof! It looks good, I know it works, and I can focus on my campaigns. Better yet, I don’t have to create landing pages or keep track of gift codes. Everything is built into Rybbon.”

Adam Hutchinson

Marketing Manager, Socedo

“Rybbon makes it easy by integrating a wide variety of offer options into campaigns via Marketo, Hubspot & SurveyMonkey. They do all the fulfillment, and can co-brand gifts for you as well. Definitely worth a look.”

Matt Heinz

President, Heinz Marketing

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