Customer References

Why you will love using Rybbon

Rybbon has been invaluable to our survey research operations. It is user-friendly, efficient, and produces great, high-quality data on the backend for every single transaction and campaign. It is exactly the kind of tool we need to pay out respondent incentives. So pleased with the product and the continuously new features.

Ashley Koning

Director, Rutgers Research, Eagleton Institute

The fact that Rybbon integrates with Marketo was a big plus. It’s a huge time saver, and more importantly, it makes for an excellent customer experience with immediate reward fulfillment.

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Chris Chariton

Senior Director of Marketing, GTM Payroll

Glad I found it! We had to reward our customers worldwide. I checked many other options, including physical gift cards, but Rybbon was exactly what we needed. Not expensive, easy to you, great tracking system (you can see who opened and redeemed the gift), no shipping fees, unlike traditional gift cards, works for international users.

Margarita Baxter

Eng Tech, Arduino

Sign-ups were through the roof! It looks good, I know it works, and I can focus on my campaigns. Better yet, I don’t have to create landing pages or keep track of gift codes. Everything is built into Rybbon.

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Adam Hutchinson

Marketing Manager, Socedo

We had a very positive experience with Rybbon from the start because it was very easy to set up. Another major reason in deciding to use Rybbon was that its instant delivery. It is important for us that our customers receive their rewards right away.

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Oscar Sanchez

Digital Marketing Director, Xirrus